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Valkeisen Park

Local name: Valkeisenpuisto

Valkeisen Park is located in the Niirala district, adjacent to the center of Kuopio. Its main attraction is a large pond around which picturesque willows have been planted and a city beach nearly 2 km long has been built. It is also a free city fishing area.

There are several playgrounds with various attractions for children, and a multi-purpose sports field and a beach volleyball court for sports enthusiasts. There is also a dog park, a picnic area and a rose garden with 60 different varieties of roses. A separate garden is intended for several dozen varieties of bush roses.

Several works of art are displayed in the Valkeisen park. Here you can see, among others the bust of Alexander Pushkin by Oleg Komov, unveiled in 1986, and Monuments and Cottages by Antti Immonen in 2001.


Attractions inside

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    70620 Kuopio , Finland