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Linnansaari National Park

Local name: Linnansaaren kansallispuisto

Linnansaari National Park is located in the Finnish Lake District, including, among others the area of Lake Saimaa, the largest in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe, as well as numerous islets. The entire park is under protection and belongs to the European Natura 2000 program.

There are three main hiking trails within the Linnansaari National Park. The first trail, Linnonpolku, is 2 km long and leads through dense groves and a rocky cliff. The second route, 7 km long, runs around the island of Linnansaari. The third trail is 5.5 km long, and its route partially coincides with the second trail and then turns towards Perpulanluhta.

In addition to hiking in the park, you can go boating, kayaking and motorboats. There are about 20 marinas here.


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