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Marselisborg Deer Park

Local name: Marselisborg Dyrehave

The deer park is part of the larger Marselisborg-Moesgaard forest. It is home to deer, roe deer, wild boar and ducks. Red deer and roe deer walk slowly around the park, they can often be found directly on paths and walking paths. On the other hand, wild boars, relatively dangerous for visitors, live in a specially designated enclosure.

There are picnic tables and benches in the park, so it's worth taking your own lunch with you. Chestnuts and acorns cannot be picked here as they are a natural food for the animals that live here. You can take carrots or apples with you and feed them to the deer and roe deer you come across.


Attractions inside

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    Ørneredevej 68270 Højbjerg , Denmark