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Local name: Operaen

The opera house is part of the National Theater. Since 2005, it has been housed in a modern, monumental building in the vicinity of the port. The building has 14 floors, 5 of which are underground. There are two scenes here. The larger one is intended for 1500-1700 viewers and the smaller one for 180 viewers. The latter is intended for various art forms, including ballet.

The building is decorated with numerous works of art. In the main hall, you can see four bronze bas-reliefs by Danish painter and sculptor Per Kirkeby. In turn, the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson created three large chandeliers. Each of them is 3 meters in diameter and consists of 8,000 mirrors and 300 lamps.

The building also houses spacious rehearsal rooms, cloakrooms and wardrobes. The elegant lobby has a café and a panoramic restaurant overlooking the coast.


Attractions inside

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    Ekvipagemestervej 101438 Copenhagen , Denmark