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Cistercian Monastery

Local name: Cisterciácký klášter Vyšší Brod

The Cistercian monastery in Vyssi Brod is a complex of Gothic buildings adjacent to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Founded in the mid-thirteenth century, the monastery is still an important center of spiritual life today. Tourist cloisters, a picture gallery and a library are available for tourists.

The monastery was founded in 1259 by a local nobleman Vok von Rosenberg. His family took care of the order for many years, funding church furnishings. One of its representatives, Piotr Rosenberg, ordered a magnificent altar for the church with scenes of Christ's Childhood, Passion and Triumph. It is currently shown in Prague, in the St. Agnes monastery.

The monastery itself creates several interconnected residential and farm buildings. Currently, after renovations, they are painted white and covered with roofed tiles. Inside, there are early Gothic, low vaulted cloisters. In the west wing there is a painting gallery. Here you can see mainly the 17th and 18th century paintings of Czech masters such as Peter Brandl, Jan Kašpaar Hirschelly and Norbert Grund. Liturgical vessels and vestments are also shown. Tourists can also look into the monastery library. Among others, Bible editions in various languages, antique prints, old theological, liturgical and philosophical books are available here. On the vaults of library rooms you can see 17th-century polychromes with scenes from the Old Testament.


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