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Stone bridge in Písek

Local name: Kamenný most v Písku

The bridge over Otava in Písk is the oldest preserved stone bridge in the Czech Republic to this day. Its length is 110 meters. Today, the bridge is decorated with replicas of four baroque figures made of sandstone. They depict, among others St. John of Nepomuk - patron of Czech lands in the company of two angels.

You can admire the sculptures of St. Anna and St. Antoni Padewski and Kalwaria - Mary, Maria Magdalena and apostle Jan, standing under a 6-meter cross.

The bridge was built on dry land, only when it was ready, the riverbed was brought to it by an artificial channel. Unofficially, it is called the Jeleniim Bridge. After the construction was completed, it was established that he would be named after the person who first crossed the river - instead of a man a deer appeared, a resident of the surrounding forests.


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