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Zoo Ostrava

Local name: Zoologická zahrada Ostrava

Zoological Garden in Ostrava is an institution that participates in endangered animal protection programs. Created here, among others. Evolution Hall with 200 species of West African animals, exposition of "Tanganyika at night" with unusual animals leading the night life, "Islands on land" with extinct species and the Elephant Pavilion.

Interesting is the "Little Amazonia", you can watch the habits of animals, whose natural environment is the rainforest. It is also recommended to exhibit in the aquarium, with such species as bamboo shark or blue llamas.

The zoo dates back to the 40s of the 20th century, when deer, deer and pheasants lived in the mining park in Kończyce Małe, and then peacocks. In the 1950s, the zoo of the Mining Park was officially established. In later years the garden was moved to today's site and expanded.


Attractions inside

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    Michálkovická 710 00 Ostrava , Czechia