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Lower Vitkovice area

Local name: Dolní oblast Vítkovice

The Lower Vitkovice Area is 150 hectares of former industrial areas. Today it houses a multifunctional educational and conference complex. It includes: interactive exhibitions of the World of Technology, the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic, Landek Park, a huge Gong conference center, as well as a modern Plato gallery.

The showcase of the complex is the Gong hall, which was built in the building of an old gasworks, it can accommodate over 1500 people. It organizes lectures for students from various universities, congresses and international conferences. Available to visitors. Conferences are also organized in the buildings of the former Hlubina coal mine.

The complex includes the U6 Education Center, with a technical subject program for primary schools, and the Science and Technology Center, which works with the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


Attractions inside

    Lower Vitkovice area map
    Vítkovice 2993703 00 Ostrava , Czechia