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Small World of Techniques U6

Local name: Malý Svět techniky U6

The Small World of Technology is an exhibition revealing the secrets of inventions from the time the steam engine was created to the present day. Visitors can learn about technologies and works of technology that have significantly influenced the development of industry and technological progress. The whole is divided into eight thematic exhibitions inspired by the titles of the books of the French writer Julius Verne. Permanent exhibitions include Children's World, World of Science and Discovery, World of Civilization and World of Nature.

In addition to the exhibitions, the building also has a cafe named after the writer, a 3D cinema, as well as numerous lecture and educational rooms. The main goal of the existence of the Small World of Technology is to introduce children, adolescents and adults with issues related to various scientific disciplines and to prove on the basis of experience that science and technology are an interesting and future-oriented field of study.


Attractions inside

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    Ruská 18703 00 Ostrava , Czechia