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Mining Museum - Landek Park

Local name: Hornické muzeum - Landek Park

Mining Museum - Landek Park is an area of 35 hectares, where there is a complex designed for sports and relaxation with a camping site. Landek park for many years served as a suburban recreation area.

Landek is also a place of unique discovery. A team of archaeologists found a sculpture of Venus here called Landecka or Petřkovicka. It is a 46 mm tall statue of a woman, which a prehistoric hunter carved 25,000 years ago, and archaeologists discovered it under the mammoth's molar tooth. Landek Park is listed in the official list of national cultural monuments of the Czech Republic.

Visitors to the park can walk on the educational paths within the nature reserve. The area is also crossed by a bicycle path running along the Odra River and referring to the path running along the banks of the Ostravice River. This path passes near the center of Ostrava up to the Beskids.


Attractions inside

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