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Masaryk Square

Local name: Masarykovo náměstí

The Marian Column in Ostrava is a baroque column 12 meters high located on Tomasz Masaryk Square. At its top there is a statue of the Immaculate Mary standing on the crescent, decorated with a wreath of stars and a rich dress. Its author is Johann Hyacint Zelander. It is the oldest preserved baroque sculpture in the city.

The column was made of sandstone in 1702. It was created as a thank you for the end of the plague epidemic that struck the city. For ideological reasons, it was removed in 1960. Initially, it was moved to the castle in Krawarzach, later to the warehouses of the Ostrava zoo. The monument returned to the square only in 1992.

For many years, the column was treated not only as proof of gratitude for freeing the city from the plague, but also as an expression of personal piety and worship to the Virgin Mary, as the care of the inhabitants.


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    Masarykovo náměstí 13-15702 00 Ostrava , Czechia