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Cathedral of the Divine Savior

Local name: Katedrála Božského Spasitele

The Cathedral of the Divine Savior was built in 1889. It is the second largest church in Moravia, second only to the basilica in Velehrad. The temple was built in the Neo-Renaissance style. It has a two-tower, richly decorated facade and a semi-circular closed presbytery.

Since 1996, it has been the cathedral of the Ostrava-Opava diocese separated from the much older Olomouc archdiocese. The church is one of the most important monuments in Ostrava. Its towers with a height of 67 meters tower above the buildings of the center.

It is a three-nave, proportional building. Its aisles are twice lower than the main nave. The interior is covered with a flat coffered ceiling. The naves are separated from each other by round columns. The whole is devoid of decorations and made in light stone. Only on the rainbow wall can you see the painting of the Last Supper. The presbytery is lined with golden cladding. There is a triptych with the image of Christ in it.


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