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Pernštejn Castle

Local name: Hrad Pernštejn

Pernsztejn Castle is a medieval Gothic fortress with a characteristic stolp, i.e. the tower of the first defense. He was recognized as a symbol of the area, entered in the register of monuments. Tourists can visit, among others the interior of the Knight's Hall and the chapel, the Barbican, the clock and lookout tower.

There are several routes waiting for guests, during which they learn about the castle's history and details of architectural changes made here. Initially, the castle was the seat of the Pernstein family, later it passed into the hands of the Mitrovic family, and in their time the interior was rebuilt in accordance with the assumptions of Baroque art.

The name of the castle probably comes from the German noun Bärenstein, which literally means "bear stone". Like many Czech medieval castles, this one has its White Lady. According to old accounts, this is the ghost of the daughter of one of the owners. She was murdered by her own father for disobedience.


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