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Regional Gallery of Liberec

Local name: Oblastní galerie Liberec

Galeria Regionalna has been located since 2014 in a renovated building of the former City Baths. Modern exhibition space has been prepared in the historic building. Three permanent exhibitions, Czech art at various times, Dutch painting and a collection from the collection of Heinrich von Liebieg are presented here.

The origins of the gallery date back to 1873, when the North Bohemian Museum was established. Initially, it was part of it. With time, she became independent occupying part of the area in the neo-Renaissance palace Liebiega Palace. It currently has its own headquarters in the city baths.

The Gallery's collection includes mainly Czech paintings from various periods. You can see here both Gothic religious paintings and works of 20th-century artists. The collection of the Liberec industrialist Heinrich von Liebieg is also valuable. It includes, among others, works by Eugène Boudin. This is the largest collection of his paintings outside France. The third part of the exhibition is 17th century Dutch painting, mainly landscape and genre. The gallery also organizes temporary exhibitions. He also conducts workshops and lectures in the field of art.


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