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Liberec Castle

Local name: Zámek Liberec

The Liberec Castle is a Renaissance residence whose interiors are currently inaccessible to visitors. It consists of a main body, three-story, covered with a mansard roof and a chapel adjacent to it. In the 19th century, a second neo-Gothic wing was added at its back.

The castle was built in the mid-16th century and rebuilt in 1615 after a great fire. At that time, a Renaissance chapel was added to it, the interior of which is the only original interior preserved in the entire building. In the nineteenth century, the owners of the castle turned it into a fashionable residence using elements of neo-Gothic and neoclassicalism. Richly decorated rooms were destroyed when a court was established in the castle. After World War II, there were exhibitions of glass from the local steelworks.

The castle with a round corner tower is one of the most famous buildings in Liberec. Picturesque arcades can be seen from the garden side. The small park is carefully maintained, with flower beds and decorative shrubs.


Attractions inside

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