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Ještěd terraces

Local name: Ještěd terraces

The TV transmitter located on top of the Ještěd mountain is impressive. In this original cone-shaped facility there is a hotel, an indoor observation deck, a restaurant, a cafe and the transmitter already mentioned. He became one of the symbols of this region. The structure has received the prestigious Perret prize awarded by the International Union of Architects, as well as the title "Building of the Century".

The transmitter is 93 m high. It was built in 1966-1973 according to the design of architect Karl Hubáček. The original attraction attracts many tourists, so it's no wonder that the right infrastructure has been prepared. You can comfortably take the tram from Liberec to the top of Ještěd. A cabin cable car also leads to the top. In the summer it is a great starting point to the Jizera Mountains or to the palaces Frýdlant and Sychrov. In turn, in winter you can use the well-prepared ski slopes and cross-country tracks, and even ski jumps.


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