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Štěpánka lookout tower

Local name: Rozhledna Štěpánka

The Stepanka observation tower is the oldest object of this type in the Jizera Mountains. For this reason, she is sometimes called the queen of the Jizera Mountains. The octagonal tower is built of bricks and stones. It rises to a height of 24 meters, and is set on a stone, neo-Gothic foundation which is a remnant of the building of Prince Kamil Rohan from 1847. The tower itself was opened in 1892. To this day, it is considered one of the most beautiful.

The Štěpánka observation tower stands on the summit of Hvězda (959 m) on the border of the Jizera and Giant Mountains. You can get here on foot (tourist routes from Tanvald, Kořenov and Příchovice), by bike and even by car (you can get to the Hvězda hostel). There is a wonderful view of the Czech and Polish Jizera Mountains, Giant Mountains, and in good weather Zvičina, Mužský, Bezděz, Ralsko and Lusetian Mountains.


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