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Chantara Waterfall

Local name: Καταρράκτης Χαντάρας

The Chantara waterfall (also: Handara, Hantara or Xantara) is about 8 meters high. It is in a characteristic split - the flowing water falls on the rock, which separates the waterfall into two streams flowing into one small lake. Due to the unusual appearance, this waterfall is very popular, although it is not among the largest or highest in Cyprus.

Near the waterfall you can see the foundations of the old water mill, which was probably used until the early twentieth century. At the waterfall, stone steps are carved into the rock that allow you to climb the rock, from where there is a beautiful view of the river. To reach the waterfall, part of the route must be covered on foot, along a narrow path winding through the forest and lush vegetation.

The name of the waterfall is explained in two ways. Some say that it comes from the Greek word meaning "weight." According to others, however, it is an onomatopoeia intended to imitate the characteristic noise of water.


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    E804 Foini , Cyprus