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Queen Jelena Madijevka Park

Local name: Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke

Queen Jelena Madijevki Park (Perivoj kraljice Jelene Madijevke) is the first city park created in Zadar. Its origins date back to 1829, which was interestingly founded by the Austrian commander, Governor Baron Franz Ludwig von Welden in the area of military fortifications.

Governor Van Walden was a great lover of nature, he was interested in botany, in particular Dalmatian flora. During his service in Zadar, he collected plants characteristic of the region to finally set up extensive green gardens.

The park was designed as a romantic garden, among the greenery there were sculptures, statues, fountains and benches with tables, a small Chinese pagoda was used as a music pavilion. Unfortunately, during World War II, the park was devastated as a result of bombing. Only small groups of trees survived, and was gradually reconstructed over the years.


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    23000 Zadar , Croatia