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Kazerne Dossin

Local name: Kazerne Dossin

The memorial center is located in the vicinity of the former Mechelen transit camp, from which Belgian Jews and Roma were deported to concentration camps during World War II. The collected collections are devoted to the history of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, and to the memory of victims. Permanent exhibitions consist of thousands of photos.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions devoted to human rights are organized in a broader context. 29 loudspeakers were placed in one of the rooms, from which the names of the victims were read in turn. The building's windows were bricked up with 25 267 bricks, which symbolize the number of deportees. On the top floor there is an observation deck from which you can see the former barracks where people captured by the Nazis were kept.

There is also an archive at the museum, in which several thousand documents and letters were collected. They come mainly from personal luggage confiscated from deported Jews. They are made available to the families of the victims.


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    Goswin de Stassartstraat 1532800 Mechelen , Belgium