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Lemonnier Passage

Local name: Passage Lemonnier

Passage Lemonnier is a roofed shopping passage in the center of Liege, built in 1836-1838 by Louis-Désiré Lemonnier and Henri-Victor Beaulieu. Only one of the creators of the project appears in the name, which is the result of a draw drawn up by both architects. Passage Lemonnier is the oldest facility of this type in Belgium and one of the oldest in Europe.

Currently, Passage Lemonnier has approximately 50 stores and service outlets. The offer is dominated by exclusive brands of men's and women's clothing. In addition, we will find stylish interior design, silk fabrics, watches, glasses, bedding. There were also two Belgian flagship goods - chocolate and numerous jewelry products.

Passage Lemonnier offers not only the opportunity to complete the wardrobe of the best brands, but also to tailor or order custom-made clothes. The offer is complemented by a pub with traditional beers and a theater.


Attractions inside

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    Passage Lemonier 14000 Liège , Belgium