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Stuyvenberg Florist Garden

Local name: Jardin du Fleuriste du Stuyvenberg

The extensive park is part of the former royal gardens. There are two decorative ponds surrounded by greenery, small waterfalls and several flower gardens. Various plant species grow here that are not found in other Brussels parks, such as acacias or a unique camellia collection.

The gardens were founded in the 19th century by order of King Leopold II. At that time, they covered the area of the park, orchard and garden designed by landscape architect Émile Lainé. They also had greenhouses designed by Henri Maquet and a tropical plant section. Greenhouses have survived to modern times, but stand unused. In 1978, the gardens were officially transferred to the Belgian State as a royal donation.

In 1999, the park underwent thorough revitalization. At that time, facilities for the disabled were added, new alleys were marked out, and modern and comfortable benches were added.


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