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Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Local name: Serres royales de Laeken

The royal greenhouses at Laeken are one of the most important 19th-century monuments of Belgium. They are located in the park of the royal castle. The facility remains closed all year round, but every spring it is opened for three weeks for visitors, then you can see the result of the year-round work of gardeners who are doing everything to make plants bloom at that time.

Royal greenhouses were built in the mid-nineteenth century at the request of King Leopold II, according to the design of the architect Alphonse Balat. It is a huge steel and glass complex in the Art Nouveau style, housing over 14 hectares of over 60 thousand. plants. There is a tropical climate inside, and the mere watering of rare and exotic plants consumes over 50,000 a day. liters of water.

Thanks to the unusual height of the greenhouse vault - 36 m and 42 m above the central dome, tropical trees grow here. You can also see thousands of species in various colors and sizes from Africa, Asia and America, e.g. beautiful wisteria, rhododendrons, camellias and citrus trees. There are over a dozen specimens over 200 years old. The vegetation is beautifully integrated into the historic interiors of the facility.


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