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Petit Sablon Park

Local name: Park du Petit Sablon

A small park is located on the square of the same name. It is surrounded by a wrought iron fence, inspired by the one that once surrounded the Coudenberg Palace. On the stone pillars stands 48 statues depicting various historical professions, including roofer and watchmaker. In the center of the park stands a historic fountain built by Charles Auguste Fraikin in 1864.

The fountain was initially standing on Grand Place, in front of the residence of Maison du Roi. It is dedicated to the memory of the counts Egmont and Hornes, sentenced to death by order of Prince Alba in 1568. They became a symbol of the Dutch rebellion against Spanish tyranny. The fountain is surrounded by a group of 10 sculptures depicting contemporary politicians, scientists and artists.

The park was founded in 1890 according to the design of architect Henri Beyaert in 1890. You can see around the nineteenth-century tenements and houses, mostly built in the neoclassical style.


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