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Saint Martin's church

Local name: Sint-Martinuskerk

Sint-Martinuskerk, or the church of St. Martin is mentioned in sources in 1183, when a small Romanesque or Gothic temple was located in this place. The construction of the existing church in the style of late Brabant Gothic began in 1480 and lasted for the next 180 years. Inside the temple there are many unique works of art, including two paintings by Peter Paul Rubens: "The Pestlijders" and the idea of the calling of St. Rocha as patron of plague victims.

Dirk Martens (1446-1534), the first Belgian printer, was buried in Sint-Martinuskerk. His statue is on Grote Markt, near the church. The most lavish gravestone in the church of St. Marcin's is the sarcophagus of the knight Gheraerdt du Bosch (he died in 1561) and his wife Isabeau Lotin.

In 1655, architect Tobias Oosterlinck designed and signed plans to build a gothic tower that was to be erected from Grote Markt. Oosterlinck's intention was to erect the tallest tower in all of Belgium. These plans were not implemented due to lack of funds.



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