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Vorarlberg is the westernmost and smallest state of Austria. It covers areas from Lake Constance to the peaks of the Rhaetian Alps. The region is famous for its beautiful landscapes, opportunities for water sports and excellent cheese produced in the Bregenz Forest.

Location between one of the larger Alpine lakes, and exceeding 2,000. mnp peaks makes Vorarlberg have great conditions for tourism development. However, in contrast to the more east-facing federal states, mass tourism has not arrived here, and the villages have not lost their traditional character.

Most of the region's population lives in the Rhine Valley and the Ill River, where agriculture develops. Dairy farming dominates in the high mountain part of the country. Excellent yellow cheese is made here, which is the hallmark of Vorarlberg, and in the Bregenz Forest there was even the themed Cheese Trail. In turn, in Suchard there is a Milka chocolate factory with a company shop and an exhibition dedicated to chocolate.

The capital of the region is Bregenz located on Lake Constance. The city with a nice old town can also boast of an international dance festival and the famous opera and theater festival "Bregenz Festival".

Lake Constance is a place where recreational tourism of the region is focused. There are beaches and water equipment rentals. There are also several dam lakes in the area, which are a paradise for anglers.

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