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Castle ruins Aggstein

Local name: Burgruine Aggstein

Burgruine Aggstein is the ruins of a 12th-century castle, lying on a hill about 300 meters above the surface of the flowing Danube. The ruins are about 150 meters long. In the years 2003–2004 part of the castle was restored - the damaged wall was repaired; sewers have been restored. In addition, the entrance area was transformed and a new banquet hall was built. Currently, the ruins are open to the public.

According to legend, Hadmar III von Kuenring attacked the ships passing by the castle using a chain dragged across the river, and then robbed them. This led to the fury of Prince Frederick, but he could not openly attack Kuenring, because his castle was too strong a fortress. In return, he sent another ship in which he hid a troop of soldiers. Lured by rich goods, Hadmar went aboard the ship and was captured and put before the prince. At that time, deprived of the owner and commander, the castle of Aggstein was conquered.


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