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Biskupin is a small village known throughout Poland for one of the most valuable archaeological sites. There is an archaeological reserve in which settlements from various periods, from the Neolithic to the times of the first Piasts, have been reconstructed.

The first discoveries in Biskupin were made before World War II. Work has been carried out here almost continuously until the present day. It turned out that there were traces of uninterrupted settlement from the Neolithic times to the Middle Ages in the area by Lake Biskupin.

The Archaeological Museum in Biskupin is one of the greatest attractions of Kujawy and the Pałuki region. It is also one of the most important archaeological sites in the country, and thanks to the protection system implemented here, it is also the most complete exhibition showing the realities of life in different epochs. The museum includes the Settlement of Collectors and Hunters, the Neolithic Settlement, the Defensive Settlement of the Lusatian Culture and the Piast Village. In all departments there are animators who recreate scenes from the life of the population and conduct crafts and housework workshops.

There is also a small but modern Interactive Fisheries Museum in Biskupin. It is a private facility that provides information on the history of rivers and lakes in Poland. The exhibits collected here come from the collection of Dr. Henryk Sobolewski.

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