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Ранняя деревня Пяст

Локальное имя: Wioska wczesnopiastowska

The early Piast village is an integral part of the famous Archaeological Museum in Biskupin. The whole was reconstructed by the Association of the Center of Slavs and Vikings from Wolin on the basis of archaeological excavations. You can see 14 residential and farm buildings built in the neighborhood. This means that the houses once surrounded a large square.

The village was built using traditional methods, without the use of modern tools and materials. In each of the huts you can find slightly different equipment, adapted to the craftsman living there.

The early medieval village in Biskupin was discovered in the 1950s. The settlement is mentioned in the Bull of Innocent II of 1138 as "Stari Biskupici". In 1994, the city in Biskupin was recognized as a monument to Polish history.


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    Ранняя деревня Пяст карта
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