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Verzasca Dam

Local name: Verzasca Dam

Contra Dam, also known as the Verzasca dam, is located in the Ticino region of Switzerland. The dam is 220 meters long and was built on the Verzasca River in 1961-1965. For cinema lovers, the place is known from the James Bond movie "Golden Eye". The tourist attraction attracts daredevils who, like the famous agent, decide to bungee jump from the concrete bridge.

The Contra Dam dam is one of the highest in Switzerland and throughout Europe. It is also one of the highest platforms for bungee jumping. Just behind the dam is the village of San Bartolomeo do Lavertezzo, where you can see a Roman bridge from the 15th century, which became the hallmark of the Verzasca Valley.

Daredevils getting ready to jump, standing on top of the dam, have a contrasting view of its two sides. The proximity of the border with Italy encourages tourists to visit also Italian cities such as Verbania and Stresa.


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