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Gate of Spalen

Local name: Spalentor

The Spalen Gate is a former city gate, which is part of the ancient city walls of Basel in Switzerland. The portal, considered one of the most beautiful gates in the whole country, is a landmark of the city and a monument of Switzerland's national heritage. The construction of the gate was completed in 1473-74.

The Spalen Gate was part of the Basel fortification system from the 15th century. The wall had over 40 towers, and 7 of them were gate towers. Many important supplies from Alsace entered the city through the Spalen Gate. The central part of the tower has a square shape, and its outer, round towers have become the hallmark of the city. The gate is decorated with numerous sculptures on the facade.

The Gate offers a magnificent view of the Old Town of Basel and the Jura, Black Forest and Vosges hills. In 1933, the portal underwent a thorough reconstruction and underwent a program of monument protection. The Spalen Gate remains a monument of great historical and cultural significance, which is why it is worth seeing this portal while being in Swiss Basel.



Gate of Spalen map
Spalenvorstadt 4056 Basel, Switzerland