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Umeå is the largest city in northern Sweden and a thriving university and cultural center. It is attractively situated among forests, near the coast, in the vicinity of rivers and small lakes, which makes it a perfect place for active tourism.

The city does not have many monuments because in the 19th century it was severely damaged by a great fire. Today, the oldest buildings here come from the reconstruction period. Here and there you can see historic wooden houses, but most of the buildings are made of brick. After the fire, many streets of the city were planted with birch trees, which are still the most common tree in the city.

Umeå is a great place for active recreation. In summer, you can relax on sandy beaches and although there is no question of swimming in the sea, the very stay by the water has a relaxing and calming effect.

Inland, there are many leisure opportunities for tourists. Activities in Umeå and the surrounding area include canoeing, rafting and fishing. There are also well-prepared and marked walking routes. Many of them were led along the piers stretching over the swamps. In the backwoods it is easy to meet wild animals, including majestic moose.

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