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Färnebofjärden National Park

Local name: Färnebofjärdens nationalpark

The Färnebofjärden National Park (Färnebofjärdens nationalpark) was established in 1998, its purpose is to protect the Dalälven river backwaters with the islands. Tourists can explore this wild corner of Sweden by hiking along the marked hiking trails or crossing the river and lakes by boat.

People visiting the park can take advantage of accommodation in local shelters, information on the protected area and its exploration will be provided by employees of tourist points. There is an observation tower in Skekarsbo from which you can admire the surroundings.

Färnebofjärden has been included in the EU's Natura 2000 program. It covers an area of over 10 hectares. The nature of the park is very diverse, in the northern part it is covered with heathers and coniferous forests, in the south there are deciduous forests with a predominance of oaks and lime. More than 4,000 hectares are covered with water. About 100 species of birds nest here.


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