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El Greco Museum

Local name: Museo del Greco

The El Greco Museum presents a rich collection of Spanish paintings, in particular the works of El Greco. In addition, there is an exhibition about furniture, ceramics and household equipment from the seventeenth century. The most valuable elements of the collection include portraits of the apostles and the painting View of Toledo with plan. The mission of the museum is to disseminate Spanish 17th-century art and to introduce El Greco and his connections with the city.

The museum was officially opened in 1911. It is located in two buildings connected by a shared garden. The 16th-century building originally belonged to the royal treasurer Samuel Halevy. El Greco lived here for 27 years, with short breaks. In 1907 the building was restored. In the 20th century, an additional building was added to the garden.


Attractions inside

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