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Navarra is a mountainous region near the French border. In the past it was a powerful kingdom, and traces of this splendor are visible in the form of medieval castles and towns. The capital of the region is Pamplona known for its great bull race.

In the eleventh century, there was a kingdom in Navarre, which over time began to play a significant role throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in the French lands. Many Gothic castles have remained here from this period, the most beautiful of which are Castillo de Javier near Sangües and Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra in Olite.

Navarra is a land of small but perfectly preserved since medieval times. Among them, Tudela, Sangües, Olite and Estella deserve special attention. Puente la Reina with the 11th century bridge, which is an important stop on the pilgrimage route to Santiago, has been very important since the Middle Ages.

The northern part of the region is mountainous. The high peaks of the Pyrenees dominate here. The rocky valleys and powerful ravines such as Foz de Arbaiun and Foz de Lumbier are a frequent destination for hiking. At the foot of the mountains is the battlefield of Roncesvalles, where in 778 the Basques fought against the Franks. These events are described in the poem Song of Roland.

The capital of the region, Pamplona boasts a Renaissance citadel and a 15th century cathedral, which is an important stop on the trail to Santiago. But its most famous attraction is the annual Sanfermin fiesta on 6-14.07, when great bull races are taking place on the streets of the city.

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