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Cartagena is a seaside historic city with many ancient monuments. The local archaeological park of Cerro del Molinete, located in the city center, is one of the largest not only in Spain, but in the whole of Europe.

In addition to the archaeological park, Cartagena has many more ancient monuments. The Punic Wall Interpretation Center allows you to learn about the history of the construction of fortifications in the 3rd century BC. The Roman Theater in Cartagena includes not only the building itself, but also the adjacent Museum of the Roman Theater showing the history and development of this place. The Roman Forum Quarter with the remains of Roman temples, streets and baths is also located in the same area. The most valuable pieces from excavations in the city have been collected at the Cartagena Archaeological Museum, while in the modern National Museum of Underwater Archeology you can see finds found all over the Mediterranean.

Due to its location and strategic role in this part of the Mediterranean Sea, Cartagena has been fortified since ancient times. To this day, mainly elements of fortifications from the period from the Middle Ages to the 18th century have survived. Among them are Fort Navidad, Saint Julian's Castle, Jorel Battery, Cenzias Battery and Concepción Castle, which can be accessed by a modern panoramic city elevator. In the city, you can also visit the Historical Military Museum and the Naval Museum.

The Old Town of Cartagena does not have a uniform character. There are constructions here representing various architectural styles. The most important monuments include the Basilica of Mercy, the Church of Santo Domingo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria La Mayor and the Church of Santa Maria de Gracia. Outside the city center, you can visit the historic silver mine, Las Matildes Mine.

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