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Old Bridge

Local name: Puente Viejo

The Old Bridge was built in the first half XVIII century and connects the banks of the Segura between the city center and the Barrio del Carmen. Stone was used for its construction, and the process itself lasted nearly 40 years. It is the oldest bridge in Murcia. On the southern side of the bridge there is a characteristic wooden statue of the Mother of God from Dangers. This neoclassical work of the local sculptor Carlos Cayetano Ballester is an undeniable symbol of the object.

The Old Bridge was built on the ruins of the previous structure, which was completely destroyed as a result of the floods in 1701. Problems with financing meant that its construction took several dozen years. The current appearance of the bridge is due to two outstanding Spanish architects: Toribia Martinez de la Vega and Jaime Bort.

'Mother of God of Dangers' means 'Virgen de los Peligros' when translated into Spanish. From the presence of an extraordinary statue, the bridge is often also called 'Puente de los Peligros'.


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