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Museum of Natural Sciences

Local name: Museu De Ciências Naturais

Museu De Ciências Naturais De Barcelona Museu Blau, or the Museum of Natural Sciences in Barcelona is an institution presenting the history of life on Earth. Visitors can see an Australian-named "Lucy" - a replica of a skeleton from over 3 million years ago, extremely rare minerals called pyromorphites, and a skeleton of a sponge from the Western Pacific, where small crabs lived in nature.

Among the other curiosities offered by the museum is a replica of the Mozosaurus skeleton, which lived about 80 million years ago in today's Colorado in the USA. The height of the skeleton is 11 meters. This is one of two replicas in the world.

The collection of the Barcelona Museum also reveals unusual phenomena such as ribbon iron ore and Ginkgo huttonii fossils, plants from the Jurassic period. The museum organizes educational workshops for children and their parents.


Attractions inside

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    Plaça Leonardo da Vinci 4-508019 Barcelona , Spain