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Joan Maragall Gardens

Local name: Jardins de Joan Maragall

Jardins de Joan Maragall are over 4 hectares of French-style gardens surrounding the palace of Albeniz. They were created in connection with the International Exhibition in Barcelona, which took place in 1929 on the Montjuïc hill. The gardens are open to visitors, they can see here, among others colonnade with a sculpture entitled "Serena" by Pilar Francesch and Ventalló.

Other decorations are also noteworthy, e.g. a pavilion with a sculpture entitled "Susana in the bathtub" created by Théophil-Eugèn-Victor Barrau. The gardens are dominated by plants characteristic of the Mediterranean region - orange and olive trees and magnolias.

Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier was responsible for the land development project. Thanks to the collaboration with Nicolau Maria Rubió and Tudurí, a plan of a Mediterranean garden with baroque elements was created.


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