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Alcazaba of Badajoz

Local name: Alcazaba de Badajoz

Alcazaba Castle is an ancient Moorish fortress that dates back to the ninth century. The building was declared a national monument and is a symbol of the city of Badajoz. The phenomenal Espantaperros tower is the showcase of the castle. The over 30-meter tower is topped with an unusual chapel from the 16th century in the Mudejar style. The huge castle park invites to long walks and rest in the fresh air.

The delightful fortress is the seat of the Provincial Archaeological Museum. His collection is filled with unique artifacts from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. The museum's pride is an impressive collection of fantastic pre-Romanesque tombstones with images of warriors.

The first citadel was founded by Abd-al Rahman Ibn Marwan, and its entire population was inhabited by Bajadoz. The current shape of the fortress was given in the 12th century by the Almohad. The last Moorish reconstruction of the castle took place in the 13th century, shortly before the conquest of the city by the ruler of the Christian kingdom - Alfonso IX.



Alcazaba of Badajoz map
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