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San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is an enclave on the territory of Italy and is located picturesquely in the Apennines. Its main attraction is buildings combining buildings from medieval to modern.

The city is built on the summit of Monte Titano, which rises above the plain below. From here, there are beautiful views reaching all the way to the Italian coast.

The city's buildings are very dense and climbs from the bottom of the mountain to its peaks. On the hills you can see several forts that in the past defended the oldest republic in the world. The largest of them is the fortress of La Rocca o Guaita.

San Marino has narrow streets, stone buildings, lots of restaurants and cafes. In the season, the city seems to be subordinated to tourists, with about 4 million coming here each year, with only 32 thousand permanent residents.

The biggest attraction is the palace, before which the changing of the guard takes place, as well as the nineteenth-century cathedral and the medieval Palazzo Pubblico. Many tourists combine visiting the city with the purchase of excellent liqueurs, which the city is famous for all over the world.

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