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Berca Mud Volcanoes

Local name: Vulcanii Noroioși Pâclele Mici

The mud volcanoes in Scorțoas are the largest volcanoes of this type in Europe. In 1924 it was placed under protection as a nature reserve of national importance. They are also included in the European Natura 2000 network of protected areas. They lie at an altitude of 341 m above sea level and are divided into three main areas.

There are 65 sources of mud flows in the Pâclele Mici area. The largest, main volcano is 15 meters high. The first observed and described eruptions took place here in 1881. In the 20th century, the largest eruption took place in 1976, when the mud was thrown up to a height of about 100 cm all day long, and within a few months of activity the amount of silt discharged was estimated at 5 thousand tons.

There is little vegetation here, mainly species of the genus of the marsh and the grasshopper. In some places you can also find colorful flowers of the leafless iris. Among the animals, there are pond turtles, toads, gopher and snakes.



Berca Mud Volcanoes map
Scorțoasa, Romania