Museum of Costumes

Local name: Museu do Traje

The National Costume Museum Viana do Castelo is located in the historical center of the Portuguese capital Lisbon, specifically on Republic Square. The gallery was established in 1977, opening the museum at the Monteiro-Mor Palace. The collection includes almost 33,000 exhibits, mainly men's and women's costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the museum's collections, you can also admire the collections of civilian costumes, national and international fashion outfits, fragments of fabrics, as well as items and equipment used to manufacture textile products. The Lisbon Costume Museum also has a collection of dolls with original costumes, paintings and furniture.

Tourists can visit the permanent exhibition 'Costume in Portugal. From the eighteenth century to the present day, "which is located on the first floor of the palace. Palace and court costumes were displayed among the period props, surrounded by paintings, richly decorated rooms and paneling. A visit to the Viana do Castelo Museum is therefore a real journey through time and a lesson of old fashion and customs.


Attractions inside

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    Praça da República 4901-520 Viana do Castelo , Portugal