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Caldeira Velha

Local name: Caldeira Velha

The Caldeira Velha waterfall is located in the Azores, Portugal. Since 2008, he has been inscribed on the List of Natural Monuments. A system with a rich infrastructure has been created around Caldeira Velha to promote the island's natural wealth. There you can use two pools, thermal springs with high mineral content. Worthy of note are the prepared walking routes. In addition, you can learn about the history and origin of volcanic islands and study curiosities in the fields of biodiversity, hydrotherapy and geology.

The Caldeira Velha Center is created using and respecting natural wealth as well as fauna and flora. On the Thermal Springs Trail you can see unique vegetation, e.g. incense, bamboo, fern trees, ivy and acacia. You can admire the example of a successful combination of nature and modernity, without harming the former.



Caldeira Velha map
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