AZORES tourist attractions

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The Autonomous Region of the Azores includes the archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic. Its main attractions are unusual landscapes and volcanic phenomena, as well as tiny villages and towns scattered around the islands.

Azores are a place that is designed for tourists seeking contact with nature, focused on exploring the area, not lying on the beach. There are very few of them here and they are not the best. But the views offered by the islands are unforgettable.

Due to their origin, the Azores are built of volcanic rocks and there are huge calderas, volcanic cones and lava flows. On the coasts you can see the cliffs formed from magma pouring into the water. They form powerful walls consisting of polygonal columns.

The largest and most famous caldera in the Azores is Caldeira das Sete Cidades on São Miguel. Around it there are several viewpoints from which you can admire the lakes filling the depression. Similar places are also found on other islands. Hiking paths lead through the mountains, which occupy a large part of the islands.

Azores towns are small, but in almost every one can find monuments associated with the era of island colonization. There are charming white churches decorated with volcanic stone and low, white buildings. The most beautiful are Ribeira Grande, Ponta Delgada, Nordeste and Provacao.