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St. Paul Square

Local name: Praça de São Paulo

Saint Paul's Square is the center of Lisbon's nightlife. There are many bars and nightclubs next to it. It is a square square paved with pavement. In its central part there is a fountain with drinking water, while at one of the fronts there is the late Baroque church of Saint Paul.

The square and its buildings were created after a great earthquake from 1755. In the late Baroque and neoclassical houses around the square today there are bars and night clubs. There is also a historic, wooden kiosk with alcoholic and refreshing drinks.

The focal point of the square is the obelisk-shaped fountain with a metal ball on top. Water flows in it from the mouths of four heads decorating the pedestal. On the axis of the fountain stands the eighteenth-century church of Saint Paul, which in the past was dedicated to the people of the sea.


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    Rua de São Paulo 1200-034 Lisbon , Portugal