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Pharmacy Museum

Local name: Museu da Farmácia

The Pharmacy Museum is located in an eighteenth-century villa near the center of Lisbon. It is a private museum that presents items related to pharmacy and pharmacy from prehistoric times to the latest discoveries of the late twentieth century. You can see, among others, the reconstructed interiors of the 18th century Portuguese pharmacy or a traditional Chinese pharmacy from Makalu.

The founders of the museum were a marriage of pharmacists. They set themselves the goal of showing 5000 years of pharmacy history through items related to this profession. At the exhibition you can see a variety of drug-making devices, herbariums, bottles and boxes in which medicines were stored, pharmacy equipment from different periods of time, tools for dosing and weighing ingredients, and much more.

The most spectacular part of the collection are interior reconstructions of pharmacies from different periods of time. The 18th century Portuguese pharmacy is decorated in the Baroque style, while a traditional Chinese pharmacy impresses with intricate sculptural wall decorations. One of the exhibitions was also devoted to the search for a philosopher's stone and attempts to create by the Jesuits. In addition, the museum's collection includes magic figurines for healing rituals, incense and other magic potions.


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