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Shopping center Vasco da Gama

Local name: Centro Vasco da Gama

The Vasco da Gama Shopping Center is located in the Oriente district. It is a modern building based mainly on a combination of metal and glass. Next to it are two exclusive apartment buildings with office rooms - Sao Gabriel and Sao Rafael.

The center was established during the great revitalization of the industrial district of Oriente in connection with the Expo 1998 exhibition. It was put into service a year later. This is one of the largest shopping centers in Portugal. There are about 170 stores here. The upper level is occupied by restaurants, bars and cafes. There is also a children's play center, a cinema with six rooms, and a sports center.

Next to the commercial building, two skyscrapers were erected, whose appearance resembles the developed sails of ships. They include apartments and offices. They took their names from the vessels of Vasco da Gama.


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