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Pavilion of Knowledge

Local name: Pavilhão do Conhecimento

Pavilhão do conhecimento, the Knowledge Pavilion, is an interactive museum of science and technology, one of the most interesting and popular tourist attractions in Lisbon. The facility was opened at the Expo exhibition held in 1998 in Lisbon. The museum presents the latest technical and scientific achievements in a way accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

This is an amazing, interactive museum where science is literally at your fingertips; museum visitors have the opportunity to experiment. Instruments that check the perception or manual skills of visitors are very popular. In addition, the Knowledge Pavilion deals with the organization of events such as Children's Day, Night at the Museum, or birthday with science in the background.

The Knowledge Pavilion is part of a network of ten "Ciência Viva" facilities, which bring scientific achievements in an interactive way. The museum was commissioned on July 25, 1999. A cafe and shop are also available for visitors.


Attractions inside

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    Largo José Mariano Gago 1990-223 Lisbon , Portugal