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National Pantheon

Local name: Panteão Nacional

The National Pantheon is located in the old church of Santa Engrácia. It was created by a decree of September 1836. It is a place of honor and remembrance of Portuguese citizens who significantly contributed to the homeland. Among them are poets, military officials, senior civil servants and several presidents of the republic.

Here you can find the graves of such national heroes of Portugal as, for example, Henry the Sailor, Pedro Álvares Cabral (the first resident of the old continent to see Brazil), Amália Rodrigues (fodo singer), Humberto Delgado (general and oppositionist), Manuel de Arriaga (president of the republic), Sophia de Mello Breyner (writer), Aquilino Ribeiro (poet).

The former Santa Engrácia church, where the Portuguese pantheon is located, presents a Baroque style. This building topped with a huge dome is considered one of the oldest Baroque monuments in the country. The interior of the pantheon is lined with several types of colored marble.


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